martedì 4 agosto 2015

Vitali&Lily vs Chloe

Dear diary, today the day was dominated by the cats, the first thing I'm going to see just after breakfast and immediately before eating dinner. But now Lily and Vitali have also got to meet again, after two weeks of separation, their adoptive sister Chloe, the little cat who lives in the house of our friend Annarita.
 Annarita has agreed to bring his kitten for an evening with us in the garden, so that she could play with her friends. You want to know what has happened?What happened is that Chloe seemed possessed, as if she had seen the enemy number one of the cats in person: ears flattened on the head, teeth exposed in an angry breath, eyes wide and a bit 'stretched to leave to see the white, the back arched and the hair all standing on the back as the bony ridge of a stegosaurus.Poor Vitali tried to approach to go play with his adoptive sister, gave her a playful paw shot with claws well sheathed and Chloe in reply tried to gouge out his eyes. Oh, how cute! Oh, that kind!

In your opinion what is the reason for this behavior? Maybe it's the fact that she were in a land that is foreign, or is her personal temperament that is violent? Even Lily was disdainfully rejected with murmurs and threats.So it did not go just fine: probably not we try again, at least not in the same territory, maybe at Annarita's home, however, because it would be cool to have the cats playing together, no?As soon as she walked away from Lily and Vitali, however, Chloe becomes more like a cuddly kitten in need of human contact, mewling, sleepy, to the point of falling asleep over people. Bah... she thinks that she's human and hates cats? Only time will reveal the truth about the tricolor cat.

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